Drive of your life

Developed in conjuction with the Indiana youth Institute, “Drive of your life” is an interactive website that allows middle school and high school students to take quizzes and surveys to help them find a career path. The process is delivered to students through the metaphor of building a car and choosing a route. This wizard … Continued

Bing Maps Locator Wizard

In order to build upon Microsoft’s Bing maps service, Idea Notion developed the Bing maps locator wizard. This wizard allows users to input custom location data for their businesses to and put themselves “on-the-map.” Users can input information on a specific address so that potential customers can search for their businesses and gain valuable information … Continued

Holloway house ECommerce website

Hooloway house is a family owned business head quartered in Indiana. There primary goal is to provide quick and effective methods for their customers to care for hardwood floor and furnitures. In order to expand their business Idea Notion created an online presence for the company allowing them to conduct Ecommerce through their website and … Continued

Honda Locator

Honda North America needed a logistical planning system to tackle a number of supply issues that they were experiencing. Idea Notion created a system that allowed them to bridge sales and manufacturing departments, resolve several manufacturing constraints and finally optimize vehicle assignments to dealers. By Michael Siu

Nettle Print Group

Nettle Print, a printing company based in Markham Ontario, needed to develop an eCommerce printing solution to deliver to their existing customers as well as generate online leads. We created an online digital store front that allowed customers to receive custom quotes from imported sizes, materials, single or double sided and optimized cuttings.