Steps to deploy Nopcommerce 2.0+

The deployment of Nopcommerce puzzles me for a while and below I create the below check list to remind myself. Since we are using .NET, I assumed we are all using VS2010 Rebuild Solution… (yes… that will takes a while for nopcommerce to rebuild) Go to Solution Explorer, right click on Nop.Web project to publish … Continued

Consume RESTful Web Services in C#

The acronym REST stands for Representational State Transfer, this basically means that each unique URL is a representation of some object. It embraces a stateless client-server architecture in which the web services are viewed as resources and can be identified by their URLs. It

Delete Files using C#

Example code to follow: protected void CleanImageFolder() { string imgFolder = Server.MapPath(“~/lab/maskemail/img/”); string[] imgList = Directory.GetFiles(imgFolder, “*.jpg”); foreach (string img in imgList) { FileInfo imgInfo = new FileInfo(img); if (imgInfo.LastWriteTime < DateTime.Now.AddMinutes(-3)) { imgInfo.Delete(); } } } By Bryan Xu